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Rare remedies from the Amazonian rainforest

Honey from native stingless bees have a long tradition of use in South and Central America. We are proud to launch the first online store offering pure honey extracted from colonies of stingless bees. We both keep colonies and work with a number of local farmers in the San Martin region of Amazonian Peru. All of our honey is extracted under much care from colonies by our group and conserved under optimal conditions until sale.

Melipona honey

Used in a variety of rainforest remedies. The honey from Melipona bees in the Peruvian Amazon are used in traditional folk medicine, where it is mixed with plant extracts and alcohol, before being consumed to cure the common cold and alleviate coughing. It can also be consumed pure or used to sweeten a favorite plate. Our bees visit mainly trees along the River Shilcayo in the northeastern Peru and provide a pleasant and very unusual 100% natural sweetener. The natural water content of our honey is between 26% and 29%. We currently provide honey from either of four different species of Melipona bees (M. eburnea, M. illota, M. grandis, and M. cf. rufiventris). The honey you receive will carry the name of the source. These species of Melipona all provide honey with similar properties and with only subtle differences in their flavor and content. The units offered for sale contains app. 6 oz.


Tetragonisca honey

Always produced in very low quantities. This widespread bee is known under popular names like jataí, angelita, virgencita, ramichi, and españolita in Latin America. Honey is used in particular as a pure remedy. Whereas Melipona bees can be as large as the stinging honey bee (Apis mellifera), Tetragonisca bees are slender and delicate. The honey is produced in minute quantities and is highly sought after throughout South American and used there for curing cough and even said to improve human fertility. The natural water content is about 29% in our honey. Honey from Tetragonisca will contain nectar mixed from up to 50 different plant species yielding a truely unique and composite flavor. We keep one species of Tetragonisca (T. angustula). The units offered for sale contains app. 2 oz.


Propolis from Scaptotrigona

Used for chewing. Propolis is a wax-like resinous substance collected from trees and used as a cement to seal cracks or open spaces in the hive. Its color varies from brown to reddish, depending on its botanical origin. The genus Scaptotrigona of which we cultivate several species (S. polysticta and two scientifically undescribed species) produce copious amounts of propolis that we harvest from our colonies. The consistency is like chewing-gum and chewed in the Oxapampa region of Central Peru to treat throat infections (sore throat). It is supplied in small balls collected from the edges of the colony. It can be used chewed together with your own favorite chewing gum. The units offered for sale contains 3 1/2 oz.


NOTICE: We only carry limited quantities of honey. We will post on the website once each product is sold out, but you may occasionally find that the product is sold out even after your transaction went though. In this case we can either return your money or send your honey as soon as it becomes available again.

Our shipping charge is based on the actual charge when shipped by First Class International Airmail directly from Peru via Serpost.

Demonstration of the hives and natural colonies by arrangement only with one of our associates is available for tourists visiting Tarapoto (Peru), including sampling of honey directly from the hives. Scientists interested in studying our honey or bee hives (18 different species) are encouraged to contact us.

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